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    Richmond Hill, ON, L4C3C7

Not all medical services are covered by OHIP / Blue cross / Medavie / Veterans services or IHPC services and this means patients must pay for some services. This is standard practice across Ontario. Following is a list of uninsured services our clinic offers.

  • A medical visit without a valid health card is $75.00.
  • Missed appointments are charged at $25.00.
  • Missed physical appointments are charged at $75.00.
  • Wart treatment is $15.00 per treatment area. (OHIP covers wart treatments on the feet and genitalia).
  • If you require a back to work note or a sick note the fee is $25.00.
  • TB skin tests for employment or for volunteer purposes cost $40.00.
  • Should you need a driver’s medical examination, this will cost $120.00.
  • If you require an employment fitness form, this will cost $35.00.
  • If you require a travel cancellation form to be filled, the fee is $35.00.
  • Attending physician’s statement form, fee is $120.00.
  • Revenue Canada, federal disability tax credit, fee is $45.00.
  • Transfer of medical records, fee is variable.

**Additional fees may apply to services not listed here